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HL bucket elevator
Description: 1. Low drive power, adopt flow type feeding and induction discharging and dense arrangement for hopper, there is no back and packing material, so the reactive power is less. 2. It has large lifting range, it can not only lift normal powder materials with small size and also lifting materials with high wearing feature. And it has good sealing and less pollution to the environment. 3. With advanced design principle and machining methods, which guarantee the reliability, and it can be operating for 20,000 hours. 4. The lifetime is long and flow feeding, no need to dig materials by hopper, so that there is no crush happed between materials. This machine was designed to guarantee less spilling while discharging, which can reduce mechanical wear.
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Working principle
The working principle of bucket elevator: the materials will be feed to hopper then lift to the top by belt or chain. And the hopper will turn over in the top which feed the material to receiving groove. The bucket elevator will be transmitted by belt which is installed on upper and bottom drive drum. The bucket elevator
Model Capacity(t/h) Speed(r/min)
Motor power(kw) weight (kg)
10m m
HL160 15-8.0 1.25 3.0-11 2480 140
HL250 21-11 1.25 3.0-15 3390 180
HL300 28-16 1.25 5.5-18.5 3930 200
HL400 47-30 1.25 7.5-22 4990 260
HL315 59-35 1.4 4.0-11 3960 180
HL400 94-58 1.4 7.5-18.5 4980 205
HL500 118-73 1.4 11-22 5820 255
HL630 145-90 1.4 15-30 6980 310
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